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Adela Apartments
Adela ApartmentsBloc Solid
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When the brief to an architect contains the phrase ‘solid to touch’, there’s an immediate expectation that the resultant project must be one of quality and distinction, and obviously, built to last. The Adela Apartments, a three-story, six (large) apartment development in Melbourne’s inner-bayside suburb of Elwood required this commitment to quality - and so engaged leading Melbourne architect Pat Jost, whose practice is known for producing highly sustainable, aesthetically pleasing outcomes. Interior specialists Hecker Guthrie were sought to work their magic on the decor.

The striking, 8-Star Nathers energy-rated apartments seek to create an ‘architectural dialogue’ within a streetscape dotted with 1930s houses and flats as well as other period buildings. Set back behind a landscaped garden, the profiled concrete balconies, black chrome stainless steel wrapped columns and operable aluminium louvres diffuse the afternoon sunlight and create privacy for main bedrooms.

"We wanted a seamless transmission from inside to out, and as the tile functions just as well as internally and externally, it was perfect."
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The inclusion of Fibonacci’s Bloc was an important factor for architect Pat Jost. “It fit the brief and concept in relation to durability and aesthetic. It was also compatible to the varied stone slab finishes that the purchasers had selected for their individual apartments - as well as providing a broad visual finish it also had the smaller detail when viewed close up – which makes things more interesting to look at,” says Pat.

The ability of Fibonacci products to add strength and beauty both to interior and exterior projects was also a huge factor to the success of the project. It features in the bathrooms, kitchens, common area walkways as well as external areas and balconies, where Fibonacci supplied a special order of 600x600x30mm stone. “Hecker Guthrie did the interior design and we documented it, so Bloc was used extensively. We wanted a seamless transmission from inside to out, and as the tile functions just as well as internally and externally, it was perfect. The Fibonacci product also works really well with the tile pedestal system that we use to ensure really good waterproofing,” says Pat.

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