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Our Story
Terrazzo, more than
the sum of its parts.
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A method to create
A method to create

Fibonacci, a proudly family-owned company, continues to supply terrazzo to more Australian projects than any other company across the residential, retail, hospitality, corporate and commercial sectors.

Each design is conceived by Michael Karakolis, then created together with select highly-trusted and specialised international manufacturing partners. Each and every piece of raw material is both sourced and quality checked. And, understanding that timing is everything, Fibonacci made a game-changing move, curating a revolutionary inventory process to ensure that each and every tile and slab is available to ship immediately, with no lead times, and no minimum order quantities and no delays.

It’s a uniquely holistic end-to-end process, and Michael’s vision for Fibonacci to become an integral part of many of the most creatively lauded and awarded projects, and to further inspire bespoke applications of the highest creative and aesthetic calibre, has been realised.

That’s why we are Like No Other.

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Be inspired Be inspired

From design to delivery

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Inspiring Artistic Creators

We conceive and create original, exclusive product designs that play an integral role in shaping confident, striking environments across a range of commercial, retail, hospitality and residential applications.

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Driven to succeed

We’re heavily invested in the success of every project where we are specified, constantly evolving and improving every aspect of our offering, ensuring that we continue to challenge and lead the category.

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A holistic end-to-end process

Why we create.

With what begins as a collection of random, disparate and often humble materials, the technique of terrazzo creation works to elevate the individual to create a collective beauty. It’s a synthesis of raw materials chosen to complement and highlight each other, all bound elegantly together then finished to form a complex union of lasting strength and durability.

A sustainable cycle

Terrazzo and sustainability

At Fibonacci, we are fully dedicated to forging a path towards a more sustainable future. We meticulously oversee our supply chain and collaborate with trusted manufacturing partners to drive waste reduction, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure that our products incorporate up-cycled natural stone, cement, and inorganic pigments that can be fully recycled.

With a strong emphasis on up-cycling, we approach the sourcing of raw materials with a comprehensive focus on social, environmental, and economic sustainability factors. We firmly believe in producing our products to the highest standards of quality, ensuring their longevity and durability over time.

Fibonacci acknowledges and appreciates the multifaceted and indispensable nature of sustainability. While we recognise that our approach may not be flawless, we firmly believe that sustainability is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement and learning. We remain committed to constantly refining our practices and expanding our knowledge in order to advance the cause of sustainability.

In all our endeavours, Fibonacci seeks to be a responsible custodian of the environment and a catalyst for positive change. We firmly believe that sustainability is not merely a goal, but a fundamental principle that should permeate every aspect of our business operations.

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