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蜜葉裡 Ambrosia
蜜葉裡 AmbrosiaAustralian design project sells tea to China.
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A project that embraces Chinese design, old and new

Oftentimes, we hear the topics of China and design only in generalised tales of mass-production and wholesale homogeneity, rather than in homage to the country’s ancient and exceptional history of traditional design practices. Therefore, it meant a great deal to us here at Fibonacci to be approached by Australian design leaders Biasol to supply our terrazzo to a stunning, design-led project in the Shenzhen province, one that looked to embrace both the old, and new Chinese design.

蜜葉裡 Ambrosia, a new bubble tea brand and hospitality venue in an up-and-coming area of Shenzhen, China, was designed to appeal to the new generation of fashion-conscious and design-aware tea drinkers. Responsible for both the branding and the venue design, Biasol looked to bridge the worlds of contemporary and traditional Chinese architecture, creating a minimalist form based on classical Chinese courtyard houses (siheyuan) with architectural gateways (paifang) framing the entry and service counter.

Understanding that the modern tea-drinker appreciates and understands good design, the client instructed Biasol to source from recognised high-quality international brands such as Fibonacci in order to create an experience that was truly unique.

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A colour palette as sweet and refreshing as the product

Biasol created “a material and colour palette as sweet and refreshing as bubble tea”, noting that “the soft-pink palette is calming and sensory, drawing inspiration from pale earthy tones and timber textures.” We can’t then imagine a better fit for the project than Fibonacci’s Pavlova, which was named for its sweetly visual resemblance to the delicious meringue dessert. The tiles line the floor as well as the counter-side, perfectly complementing the subtlety of the palette throughout.

In a conceptually tight nod to the product, pendant lights were specified that look like rising bubbles, and a neon white light proclaims ‘Be my best cup of tea.’

“The importance of Fibonacci’s pledge to have all of our products in-stock, ready to ship, all of the time cannot be stressed too much here,” says Founder Michael Karakolis. “Whilst it wasn’t the most enormous order, they are all important to us, so we made it happen and dispatched immediately to China to ensure that the project would be built just as specified, with no design disappointments. It’s about the project outcome, not the commercial value of an order for us.”

“It was great to be a part of this quality, Australian-led design project, and we heartily congratulate Biasol on delivering a superb international brand and venue.”

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