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BiscaynePalette power meets pattern precision at Kate Walker Design’s ‘Biscayne’.
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​​With each year comes a freshly anointed rock-star hue, yet the true power of colour is rarely harnessed in isolation. It is only through seeing it nestled tonally adjacent, or dramatically opposing another, that colour can truly make an impact in a home or commercial project. True colourists know how to brew these combinations to achieve premium impact.

When designing a bathroom for her own spectacular home, Biscayne, Kate Walker, principle of KWD, conjured an unexpected yet delicious co-mingling of two Fibonacci terrazzo products, Ghosted and Fatima’s Reflection.
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This ‘cool meets warm’ combination is striking, both colour-wise, and in its intricate application. The terrazzos have a similar scale of chip composition, but the success really comes down to the inclusion of one dark ingredient in each – aniseed in Fatima’s Reflection, and dark grey in Ghosted - that visually unite these two so brilliantly. The precise geometric pattern of the cut terrazzo, together with a bath and basin in a high-gloss Cosmopolitan stone finished with a bullnose detail, have resulted in a truly elegant bathroom scheme.

“Kate chose two colours that you wouldn’t naturally expect to work well together - Fatima’s Reflection and Ghosted. They are very sophisticated terrazzos, and the way in which she has interpreted and reimagined them for Biscayne is very special,” says Michael Karakolis, Founder of Fibonacci. “Again, seeing our designs used as a springboard for further creativity is a huge buzz.”