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The Sunbaker warms up a nostalgic Australian drive-in motel


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A contemporary spin through a classic Australian beach holiday

From the vintage concrete pelicans standing sentinel at its entrance, to the seventies-inspired font on the ‘Motel’ street signage, Blue Water Motel, in the highest reaches of the northern New South Wales coastline, takes its guests on a contemporary spin through a classic Australian beach holiday.

The former Blue Waters drive-in motel had seen better days, and its new owners were keen to undertake a sensitive and sympathetic refurbishment – keeping the best elements of the beach holiday experience - but elevating them with contemporary beach-house comfort and style.

In the motel reception and the guest bathrooms, Fibonacci’s appropriately named The Sunbaker adds the feel of sun-drenched warmth to the floors, whilst easily withstanding the expected high foot-traffic of a busy motel. This exclusive Fibonacci design shines best in projects like this that capture our unique Australian design ethos – where sandy feet tread, and even dogs are welcome to stay.

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A relaxed, beachy vibe

Local interior decorator and stylist Jason Grant was commissioned to oversee the entire refurb – from interiors, to gardens, pool enclosure, guest reception to the all-important street frontage. It’s his understanding of relaxed coastal aesthetics and his strong local knowledge of the region that has resulted in such a resolved new look and motel experience. A restrained colour palette of pale sky-blue, warm timbers and fresh white provide the perfect base for the entire scheme, whilst creative, thoughtful styling ensures a relaxed, beachy vibe that never veers over into kitsch territory.

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