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Haydn Cattach Photographic Studio
Haydn Cattach Photographic StudioFraming up The Raven in our own lensman’s studio.
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An elegant and robust space, combining form and function

As the man who so beautifully captures each and every one of Fibonacci’s designs, leading Melbourne photographer Haydn Cattach certainly has an intimate knowledge of our range. So, when it came to creating a new kitchen for his Melbourne studio, it was interesting to see just which of our designs he would choose. Had he harboured a favourite over the years?

A busy photographic studio requires a kitchen that will withstand the rigours of everyday use, but far from being strictly utilitarian, Haydn has produced an elegant and robust space that perfectly combines form and function.

“My studio kitchen was built by my old friend Nick Pearce of Nick Pearce Furniture Studio, and he is all about timber - and everything timber,” says Haydn. “I favour a much more paired back minimalist and brutalist approach to things, so the choice of benchtop finishing was always going to become a collaboration of tastes, without any conflict of materiality.”

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Haydn Cattach Photopgraphic Studio project 03 3000px L
A wonderfully creative and meticulously crafted execution

Sitting atop beautifully crafted stained oak cabinetry is The Raven in 600x600, forming both the benchtop and splashback. The installation is further elevated by the use of brass inlay between the tiles, and at the edge of the bench top. “I first shot the Fibonacci The Raven a few years back and had always been fascinated by just how smooth and clean a finish it is - I think it was the first time I really saw what terrazzo could be.”

“To tie in the monochromatic nature of The Raven we used brass as both a ‘grout’ and external edging, and this really helped to bridge the gap between the stone and timber. The overall effect of The Raven is instant - it is bold and dominant to look at close up, yet becomes effortless when paired with softer surrounds,” says Haydn.

This benchtop application is another perfect illustration of the versatility of our stone products, and the addition of brass brilliantly displays it in another wonderfully creative and meticulously crafted execution.

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Haydn Cattach Photopgraphic Studio project 05 3000px L