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HinoakFibonacci's The Naturaliste debuts at Hinoak by Biasol
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We’re thrilled to see our new Fibonacci products start to appear in some of Australia’s latest standout interior projects.

Our The Naturaliste was recently specified by Melbourne design studio Biasol for the bar area of Hinoak, an elegantly modern take on a traditional Korean barbecue restaurant in Glen Waverley.

Biasol drew inspiration for this stylish re-boot of a much-loved dining tradition from the intricate timber eaves of historic Korean houses, underpinned by a desire to combine ‘craft, harmony and a delicate balance between built form and natural material’.

A timber-battened ceiling that subtly curves downward to become the rear wall creates a warm and intimate interior that is enhanced by LED backlighting along two banks of timber tables.

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Concrete-look walls and tan leather upholstery are perfectly complemented by the Fibonacci The Naturaliste clad bar area.

The Naturaliste's rugged chips of cool marble with flecks of warm-hued rock set within a neutral grey concrete base are the perfect counterpoint to an otherwise un-pattered material palette.

Beautifully sculpted timber tops gently wrap around the The Naturaliste bar in sections, again highlighting the perfect colour partnership between the concrete, timber and stone products selected by Biasol.

Biasol’s creation of this beautiful bar area yet again underscores the versatility of Fibonacci’s products - walls and floors are only the beginning, and its potential is inhibited only by imagination. Congratulations to Hinoak and Biasol on this beautiful re-imagination of a time-honoured dining tradition.

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