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House Bean
House BeanTimeless Architecture and Terrazzo Tales
Fibonacci Lintel Studio HOUSE BEAN 343r

LINTEL Studio For Architecture, a Sydney-based firm, draws its name from the unassuming yet vital lintel—a horizontal support enabling passage through an opening. Evoking a blend of forward-thinking design and a respectful nod to the past, LINTEL creates buildings that stand the test of time, utilizing responsibly selected quality materials to ensure seamless performance and enduring aesthetics. Guided by a commitment to meticulous processes, the studio sets a standard of excellence from inception to completion.

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Established in 2020 by Director Emiliano Miranda, an experienced Architect with a diverse portfolio of bespoke commercial and residential projects, LINTEL thrives on translating innovative ideas into tangible reality. The studio's debut project, House Bean, exemplifies their core values in action—a dynamic collaboration with passionate clients and skilled collaborators.

To enhance the living experience for the young family residing in House Bean, LINTEL employed a range of carefully chosen materials and design elements. An expansive brick screening graced the Northern elevation, uniting the structure while harnessing abundant natural light for the kitchen, dining, and living spaces, all while preserving privacy. Outdoor materials like brick, roughcast render, and painted metal ensured an elegant façade resilient enough to endure the harsh seaside climate. Inside, warm and robust finishes such as terrazzo, porcelain, spotted gum, and brass fostered a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, cultivating an ambience of effortless performance, candour, and playfulness.

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Among the materials used, Fibonacci's Khaki Jam terrazzo featured prominently in the entry, bathrooms, shower niche, and kitchen. An earthy bone-hued cement base served as a canvas for a delightful mix of warm shards and stones, refreshed by subdued greens, browns, cool khaki, pale olive rust, grey, and laurel. This versatile stone artfully mirrors the camouflage seen in natural landscapes, able to harmoniously blend into the room's design or take center stage as a striking feature.

Alongside the Khaki Jam, LINTEL specified Pavlova terrazzo to be used in a checkerboard pattern throughout the sunroom floor and living areas. Drawing inspiration from a ballerina's en pointe steps, Pavlova featured pale tones of flesh, blush, and salmon. This unique pairing adds warmth to the space which is complemented by the beautiful spotted gum joinery in the sunroom. From a materiality perspective, LINTEL has nailed the selection by specifying materials that get better with age – timeless, durable and patina beautiful for a young family growing with their home.

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LINTEL Studio continues to breathe life into innovative ideas, crafting buildings that exemplify the harmony between timeless materials and exceptional design—a testimony to the everlasting allure of thoughtful architecture.

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