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Insight Body & Mind
Insight Body & MindAn Elemental Design Narrative
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Insight Body and Mind reflects a conscious transformation of the health and wellness industry shaping a place where body and mind are considered in tandem and where atmosphere and visual expressions cultivate inclusivity, focus and empowerment.

Designed by Melbourne studio Biasol, Insight dovetails mindfulness and physical movement via a design language grounded by natural materials curated within a fluid spatial layout. Across three levels of graduated lightness, colour unfurls from calming deep teal tones on the ground floor to the transcendental ambiance of warm peach on the first and second floors. Unifying all is the graphic expression of stone which has emerged as a primary pillar of creativity.

"A layered material narrative represents the two overlapping elements of the business."
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“A layered material narrative represents the two overlapping elements of the business," explains Jean-Pierre Biasol of the studio's response to the design brief. “A gradient texture merges the psychology and wellness practice and dynamic veining in the stone evokes energy, life and flow.”

An elemental atmosphere, informed by materiality and sculptural curves, reflects the enduring connection between the built and natural environments with stone employed as the seam between complimentary design gestures. In its composition, terrazzo subtly reconciles colour and form allowing for material exploration, unconventional use and joyfully unexpected outcomes. “We used the ‘palladiana terrazzo’ mosaic technique to subtly emphasise and reflect the movement and flow that takes place in these spaces,” explains Jean-Pierre referring to the accord between aesthetics and quality which has crafted a place that not only looks but also feels great.

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“Peach and salmon tones are infused into the first-floor spaces through the Fibonacci Pavlova terrazzo floor, Karaman Pink stone counter and Venetian plaster walls. On the second floor, softer tones of pale shells are paired with a Fibonacci Softshell terrazzo floor.” The ethereal tones of Pavlova terrazzo suggest a ballerina’s poise and strength to resonate with Insight’s intertwining of mind and body. Softshell terrazzo introduces a biophilic layer which establishes a connection to nature while counterbalancing the geometric precision of black steel architectural hardware.

Renowned for their multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to design, Biasol has brought together a team of eminent quality to elicit an outcome that is physically and sensorially engaging. Echoing the Fibonacci understanding that great design is more than a sum of its parts, each element finds its place through a like-minded commitment to design and construction excellence and to a material selection that serves to inspire an outcome of creative artistry.

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