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Lululemon ACT project hero
Lululemon ACT
Lululemon ACTBiasol Design’s new Canberra Lululemon store is a capital success.
Lululemon ACT project 01
Reflecting the resilient, active and healthy nature of the brand

Charged with redesigning international leisurewear brand lululemon’s Australian and New Zealand stores, design studio Biasol took a holistic approach to enhance their customer’s retail experience. And, in what we think is a perfect marriage, our The Naturaliste terrazzo plays an important part in this redesign - complementing the other materials, the ethos of the brand, and, dare we say it - even the beautiful products.

“lululemon Canberra is the first of many retail stores that has reopened with our new design. We elevated the in-store aesthetic with materials and detailing, creating a vibrant, inviting space where lululemon staff and customers can lead and engage in community activities to encourage a healthy, uplifting and mindful life,” says Design Director, Jean-Pierre Biasol. “The Naturaliste terrazzo, combined with timber, is bold and textural, and reflects the resilient nature of an active and healthy lululemon life.”

Lululemon ACT project 04
Lululemon ACT project 05
Used across furniture pieces, walls, floors and store facade

The Naturaliste is used extensively throughout the redesign, in both the bespoke in-store furniture pieces and the walls, floors and a compelling façade of repeating archways. Tiles were cut to achieve curves in the custom furniture, as well as the grand, arched entrance portal. The strength of The Naturaliste also perfectly translates into other features such as a customer water station and communal tables that provide functional spaces to foster community engagement.

Here at Fibonacci we always love seeing our terrazzo used in unique and beautiful ways, and in this instance particularly, seeing it implemented into those striking archways is a wonderful reminder that there are still highly skilled artisans who can carry out this impressive level of work with such pride and expertise.

Lululemon ACT project 07
Lululemon ACT project 13
Lululemon ACT project 02
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The Naturaliste

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