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Mr Robertson Café
Mr Robertson CaféHere’s to you, Mr Robertson; Fibonacci's ‘The Graduate’ takes centre-stage in a stylish suburban role.
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Creating a rich, exciting, engaging hospitality venue

There’s a saying, “Make a customer, not a sale,” and at Fibonacci we’re always thrilled when our clients acknowledge our commitment to incomparable quality and service by specifying our products in repeat projects. Such was the case when respected Melbourne-based architect, Maria Danos, chose Fibonacci for a buzzing new suburban café, following on from the success of her client’s previous venture, which also featured our terrazzo tiles.

Mr Robertson cafe overlooks the historic Robertson chimney in a former Nunawading industrial park, and it was within this lofty concrete ‘shell’ that Maria Danos Architecture was commissioned to create an engaging hospitality space that would comfortably cater for a diverse range of patrons – from tradies, to nearby office-workers, and local residents.

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In one of the first applications we’ve seen of the new Fibonacci Dramaturgy slab range, Maria Danos Architecture designed a sculptural central bar to act as an ‘anchor’ within the large space. With its tightly bound fragments of shale, grey and browns set into a mid-grey base, The Graduate perfectly complements the space. “The concept for the palette was developed in dialogue with the striking historic chimney opposite the café and with an emphasis on strong sustainability credentials,” says architect Maria Danos.

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“We selected a carefully considered composition of Fibonacci’s The Graduate, Tasmanian blackwood, and ‘charred clay‘ colours to define, link, conceal and reveal spaces.”

The bar itself is a striking mixture of sinuous curves and blunt edges, spliced together to form a substantial, yet elegant central station. “The bar finds expression in its sculptural form through a single custom terrazzo material,” says Maria. “Mr Robertson also displays how a limited palette of robust materials can be modulated to create a rich, engaging and exciting hospitality venue.”

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“This slab range was designed and developed to provide our customers with the opportunity to create more than just floors and walls with our product,” says Founder Michael Karakolis. “Fibonacci products are one of the most unique hard surface materials currently available, and we wanted to elevate this uniqueness for designers and clients who are actively seeking a notable difference for their projects. Maria Danos Architecture has certainly bought this vision to life,” says Michael.

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