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The Rubinstein Group
The Rubinstein GroupSelling houses Woollahra – a bespoke fit-out for the luxe residential property group.
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Creating a sense of drama and grandeur

With arguably the most impressive sales record in Australia’s most blue-chip real estate locale, the new office of industry wunderkind Gavin Rubinstein needed to speak to his brand, as well as his clientele – that being high-end, design-savvy and without peer.

Rubinstein charged interior design practice Esoteriko with creating a home for his growing team, located in the exclusive retail strip in Woollahra in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Esoteriko’s founder, Anna Trefely, brought 14 years of local and international experience to the project, recognising at once that the locale lent itself to an approach similar to that of an exclusive retail store.

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“It was most important to create an interior that was akin to a luxury retail experience but functioned as an office,” says Trefely. “The challenge was to create a space that reflected a particular sensibility that was in tune with the client, whilst still being highly functional and comfortable across a footprint of just 140sq metres. It was imperative that this not be viewed as an office, but rather, unashamedly, a luxury brand. A luxury brand that sells beautiful, high-end houses.”

Starting with a palette of grey and blue - a strong personal preference of Rubinstein, Esoterika then acknowledged the nature of most real estate transactions… a story, a sell, always told with an element of theatre. To create that sense of drama and grandeur, Trefely conceived a striking vaulted ceiling in polished plaster, further enhanced with soft lighting. The geometry of the vault is then repeated throughout the space, in striking furniture pieces and in sculpture which, again, is always placed for maximum dramatic effect.

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Pivotal to the overall design was the specification of Fibonacci’s Abstrakt, with its unique composition of greys, from light to dark, warmed by the occasional light fawn chip set breezily into a white base. It’s a unique terrazzo, ideally designed for projects such as these where off-the-shelf ideas and designs just won’t do – and where a commitment to the bespoke is king.

Abstrakt is used throughout on the floors, then, highlighting its versatility and the possibilities for fabrication, featured in a remarkable front desk which, again, references the geometry of the vaults. Bespoke bathroom vanities and sinks and occasional furniture pieces are also enhanced by the assured, modernist-inspired forms of Abstrakt.

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“We exist in an age where design sensibility and the need to project a distinct persona for a brand have never been greater – no longer is it OK to just have a good product or a known name, or a great look – increasingly consumers desire the full package,” says Fibonacci's Founder Michael Karakolis. “Visual identity, as created in projects like this one by Esoteriko, highlight the importance of bespoke design, and all Fibonacci tiles are designed by us, with particular attention being paid to create unique designs that will stand out from the mainstream. This is an exceptional project and will surely gain its creator and client many accolades.”

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