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Pretty Gritty
Pretty GrittyNo. 14Earthy Restrained Muted

The colours of Pretty Gritty pay homage to natural landscapes of muted greens, browns, rusts and greys. Set within an earthy bone-hued cement base, the mixture of mostly warm shards and stones are given freshness by cool khakis, pale olive and laurel.

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Pretty Gritty
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MATERIAL AND COMPOSITIONA low porosity material comprised of natural stones homogenously combined with cement and pigment oxide which the variance in these raw materials is a feature of the unique design.
FINISH AND APPEARANCEHoned with increased texture and robust aesthetic to endure wearability over time and patina for a very unique aesthetic adding to and responding to the application and it's conditions. Tiles are calibrated, rectified with a small bevel to the top edge with a reduced amount of chips and imperfections for a more refined aesthetic.
SIZESTiles  400 x 400 x 15mm & 600 x 600 x 20mm
APPLICATIONSFloor, Wall, Cladding

Refined, yet with an inner-strength that defies its restrained and finely drawn scale, Pretty Gritty is an exceptionally versatile stone that will pull its weight and add heft and substance to a project.

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