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Indulging in the delicious beauty of a slow reveal.

Indulging in the delicious beauty of a slow reveal.

28 August 2020
# Product Release
News indulging in the delicious beauty Ghosted 1 3000px
News indulging in the delicious beauty Polarity 3 3000px
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Fibonacci welcomes Ghosted and Polarity to the Matter collection.

Sometimes, it’s better to take things slowly – indeed, this must be one of the biggest collective lessons of our recent times. And, in the tale of the creation of these complex and layered new stone designs, we reveal more about the design process here at Fibonacci, and also about our desire to meld contemporary aesthetics with ancient traditions. As they say, timing is everything.When conceiving the two latest designs in our ethereal Matter collection, Founder Michael Karakolis looked to create a place in between the old and new worlds of terrazzo. Never one for the breakneck speed of trends, he strives to achieve a timeless balance, where the depth of a design is evident.

News indulging in the delicious beauty Ghosted 3 3000px
News indulging in the delicious beauty Polarity 4 3000px

“Ghosted and Polarity were challenging to develop, but really worth it in the long run, as they have added another dimension to our collection,” says Karakolis. “More and more, designers love to see the intricacies and layers in a material, and there is a lot going on in our products – even in the most seemingly subtle ones.”

With over 300 designs in various stages of production at any time, Fibonacci has a wealth of material to draw upon – and designers are often delighted to be given a preview of an almost-released stone. Ghosted and Polarity have already been well received by some of Australia’s top interior designers prior to their release - including Flack Studio and Plus Architecture - as well as Doherty Design Studio, who commissioned both for a very special, yet to be revealed, residential project.


News indulging in the delicious beauty Ghosted 2 3000px

In describing her response to Ghosted, Mardi Doherty, Principal at Doherty Design Studio says, “What drew us in at first was the subtlety of this tile - the grey base exuded a sense of calm, warmth and softness that you don't always see in terrazzo”.

“However, the strength in this tile wasn't limited to the base colour. It appeared almost like a jewellery box of sorts - there was a beautiful mix of white and black aggregate, but on closer examination we started to see pops of nude blush and moments of green. These unexpected surprises created an added layer of complexity and interest that made us extremely excited to use this product.

“It's definitely not a showy 'here I am' kind of tile - instead it slowly reveals itself to you - we're still seeing new things in this tile, even having worked with it for a number of months. What it does provide is a beautiful and very versatile base for you to build our design on” says Mardi.


News indulging in the delicious beauty Polarity 1 3000px

Similarly, the appeal of Polarity was its slow-burn reveal.

“We always saw Polarity as the moody, dramatic cousin to Ghosted, however, much like Ghosted it was the unexpected moments and layering that we found really captivating. Rich pops of cinnamon are deftly woven throughout the tile - when you see this en masse it may be the first thing that you are drawn to, however as with Ghosted not only did it provide a wonderful base for us to build on from a design perspective, we also loved the thought of someone living with this tile in their home and it still surprising them and revealing these little hidden moments to them years down the track,” says Mardi.

With the strength and durability of all Fibonacci products, Ghosted and Polarity are perfect for use in hospitality or high-traffic area projects where the tiles will wear in beautifully over time.

As with all of the products in our range, all of the products in Matter Collection are stocked items, with NO LEAD TIME​. This means no need to re-select, no project delays and no disappointed clients.

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