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Introducing the Ankle Deep range of terrazzo by Fibonacci

Introducing the Ankle Deep range of terrazzo by Fibonacci

20 October 2018
# Product Release
Fibonacci Stone Cool Stream 01 Final
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Although ancient in its beginnings, the rich tradition of creating composite stone has become an enduring craft, universally coveted by architects, designers and homemakers. But, as with most things created here in Australia, we like to add our own spin – or in our case – our own grit, to the story. Our unique Antipodean light, lifestyle and landscape calls for products that work within our own design vernacular.

Fibonacci Road Trip 001 Final WM Intro

“We work alongside Australia’s foremost architects, designers and builders, seeing the best new Australian commercial and residential projects from concept through to completion, and being able to provide terrazzo products that speak to these projects is an incredibly important part of our business,” says Fibonacci Founder, Michael Karakolis. “Our Ankle Deep range is inspired by the raw beauty of the Australian landscape, and is steeped in the colours and the sprit of Australia Felix.”

Fibonacci Cool Stream 02 Final WM Intro
Fibonacci Freckle 01 Final WM Intro

We also are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the Ankle Deep range – Road Trip.

Cool Stream

Cool Stream is reminiscent of translucent, wintery streambeds, where specks of bluestone pepper the ground between small stones of rust, olive and grey. En masse it appears cool, but up close, the warm hues will shine.

Fibonacci Stone Cool Stream 01 Final


Recalling the beauty of tiny freckles appearing on pale skin after a day in the sun, Freckle is a beautiful mix of softly rounded marble, limestone and granite is set within a warm white base. The occasional appearance of small burgundy and brown shades only increases the warmth and complexity of this stunning tile.

Fibonacci Freckle 02 Final WM
Fibonacci Freckle 03 Final WM

Road Trip

The blue horizon is a hot haze ahead; the dust and hurling stones flying behind. The windows down, travelling tunes, truck stops and the rhythmic bounce of tyres over rough-hewn roads.

It was this exhilarating feeling of escape that inspired Road Trip, with its mix of classic Australian stoney hues of olive, bisque, grey, black and a hint of umber.

Fibonacci Road Trip 003 Final WM
Fibonacci Road Trip 004 Final WM
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