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Commercial & ResidentialFibonacci Terrazzo Slabs
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Fibonacci, a proudly family-owned company, continues to supply terrazzo to more Australian projects than any other company across the residential, retail, hospitality, corporate and commercial sectors.

Introducing a timeless collection of terrazzo slabs in Australia by Fibonacci. These high-quality and durable materials add the perfect touch to your home or workplace, this is the ideal solution. Our terrazzo slabs are designed with aesthetic appeal, strength, and longevity in mind. These terrazzo slabs come in a variety of sizes and perfectly blend modern styling with unique rustic textures. Whether you choose a bold block colour or opt for something more subtle, they provide endless opportunities when it comes to creating eye-catching designs. You can be sure that your terrazzo slabs will remain stunningly timeless.

What are the advantages of Terrazzo Slabs?

Terrazzo slabs are incredibly strong and durable, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Although our terrazzo slabs require low maintenance and are easy to clean, it still requires care. Fibonacci terrazzo slabs are the ideal choice for high-traffic and commercial projects. Terrazzo slabs are also highly resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations as they are UV resistant, meaning that they can withstand a wide range of climates and environments. We create and produce high-quality products that are designed to be hard-wearing, to stand the test of time. We believe in constant improvement to better utilise our raw materials, time and energy to be the most efficient company producing terrazzo. Our terrazzo slabs also have an extended list of applications including Countertops, benchtops, Splashback, undercounter sinks, Internal walls for both commercial and domestic projects, external or outdoor areas, wet areas such as bathrooms and showers and coping or pool edging.

How long will the Terrazzo Slabs last?

Fibonacci’s terrazzo slabs are designed to provide lasting beauty and durability. Like any valued product treated with care, our terrazzo slabs will remain for years to come. Our terrazzo slabs will wear in rather than wear out and patina over time ensuring that the product retains both beauty and function for years to come.

Are Terrazzo Slabs durable?

Fibonacci terrazzo is designed to endure wearability over time and patina for an honest aesthetic responding to the application and its conditions. We design and produce each terrazzo slab with a unique finish and texture for optimal wearability and durability for its intended application. The material can also be rejuvenated if desired.

How long will it take to deliver Terrazzo Slabs?

Our terrazzo slabs products are high quality and value, and we want to remain responsible until the order reaches you safely and on time. This protects you and the client and minimises any potential delays in the project. We’re confident in our experience and delivery methods. From packing and handling to delivery, all is treated with ultimate care and remaining responsible for the process as it is an important part of keeping our commitment to you.

Once full payment is received, delivery bookings are scheduled for delivery the following week (subject to availability) or unless a Priority Order Service applies. Although dates and timeframes are non-specific, customers will be notified the day prior to delivery and 1 hour before delivery. All stock is ex Melbourne. Collections are available via our Priority Service and subject to an appropriate vehicle - heavy vehicles accepted. The warehouse will not load loose tiles or pallets onto Utes or in vans. Trailers are also not suitable for transporting the material. Please contact us for more information.

Why do you need to seal Terrazzo Slabs?

Using a penetrating sealer improves the performance of terrazzo slabs. Whilst sealing material does not make terrazzo slab impervious to staining, it does however increase the materials resistance to staining and assists with the response time to cleaning up spills.

Terrazzo Slabs after care

Domestic: Daily Routine

Clean spills as soon as possible. Remove large grit particles that may scratch the surface using a suitable static mop, broom or other depending on the surface finish of the terrazzo tile. Clean the floor with a PH Neutral Detergent using a steam mop fitted with a microfibre pad.

*Do not use products that contain acid or alkaline. These types of products will etch the surface.

Commercial: Daily Routine

Remove large grit particles that may scratch the surface using a suitable static mop, broom or other depending on the surface finish of the terrazzo tile. Clean the floor with a PH Neutral Detergent using an auto-scrubber fitted with a cleaning pad/brush suitable for the surface finish of the tiles. Clean edges and hard-to-reach places using a mini-scrubber fitted with a cleaning pad/brush suitable for the surface finish of the tiles. Clean any excess water using a wet vacuum or mop immediately to avoid dirty water pooling on the surface.

For honed surfaces buff the floor using a buffing machine fitted with a suitable buffing pad.

Is Terrazzo a sustainable building material

Fibonacci believes in a holistic, sustainable cycle. We control our supply chain and ensure our products include up-cycled natural stone, cement and inorganic pigments that can be 100% recycled, usually as crushed rock fill for road base or building construction. But most importantly… Long term, terrazzo wears in, not out, minimising wastage and the need to constantly replace.

Why choose Fibonacci for Terrazzo Slabs?

At Fibonacci, we pride ourselves in supplying terrazzo slabs of the highest and finest quality. Our terrazzo slabs are designed with aesthetic appeal, strength and longevity in mind, allowing you to create stunning homes, workplaces and outdoor spaces that will last for years.

We deliver our terrazzo slabs Australia-wide:

Terrazzo Slabs in Melbourne

Terrazzo Slabs in Sydney

Terrazzo Slabs in Brisbane

Terrazzo Slabs in Adelaide

Terrazzo Slabs in Perth