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Designer Focus: Made by Morgen

Designer Focus: Made by Morgen

17 July 2018
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Here at Fibonacci, we believe that our products are much more than just the sum of their parts. History, craftsmanship, and materiality all converge with today’s best design practices to create a narrative for their future use – enabling us to work with architects and designers to create projects of exceptional quality and timelessness.

It’s an amazing time to be working with Australian and international designers – and to see other creators with a similar outlook doing so well in their respective fields.

News made by morgen the naturaliste 02 3000px

Case in point is Nick McDonald, owner, designer and creator of Melbourne-based furniture studio, Made by Morgen. Nick’s childhood was spent on a farm; a building apprenticeship followed, then a stint in a large construction management firm. It was during a trip to Denmark that a fortuitous opportunity to work with and learn from a master furniture craftsman that set Nick on his course.

News made by morgen the naturaliste 03 3000px
News made by morgen the naturaliste 04 3000px

Back in Melbourne, the chance to design the fit-out for a mates store cemented his future path – and Made By Morgen was born. Its signature style combines a timeless blend of Scandinavian and Japanese influences, – all with a very Australian countenance.

A recent photo shoot by Lillie Thompson, styled by Bek Sheppard, beautifully illustrates the Made By Morgen furniture range. Bek’s stunning sets of pale grey battened walls featured Fibonacci's The Naturaliste tiles - providing a sublime backdrop for Made By Morgen’s unique and individualised pieces. It was a great shoot be involved with, and we are very much looking forward to watching the future evolution of Made By Morgen.

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