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Introducing the Intuit Collection of terrazzo by Fibonacci

Introducing the Intuit Collection of terrazzo by Fibonacci

18 August 2018
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Fibonacci The Raven 01 Final
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To intuit is to know or discover by intuition... and, if there’s one thing designers might (we said might) agree on, it’s that decision making is not always rooted in logic or reason. And if we had a dollar for every time a client or customer said “I don’t know why I like it, but I just know I do,” well, we’d probably still be here, but we’d also be browsing a Tesla brochure. Design decision-making is as much about gut-instinct, familiarity and intuition – as it is the practical considerations, which is why we’ve brought together this family of styles under the Intuit banner.

“Ostensibly the most traditional of our terrazzo styles, the Intuit range is where history, nature and memory converge in a beautifully crafted Fibonacci product,” says Founder Michael Karakolis. “From the pleasurably faint warmth found in winter sun, to the reassuring sound of raindrops pelting the ground outside, or the recollection of writing on a chalkboard as a child, each of the Intuit range evokes rich memories, and a sense of beautiful familiarity.


The perfect contemporary neutral that brings to mind the unexpected pleasure of the warmth of soft winter sun. Featuring elegantly elongated Carrara marble pieces in soft, faded greys set within a fresh white base, Wintersun is an extremely versatile terrazzo for varied interior scheme.

Fibonacci Wintersun 01 Final
Fibonacci Wintersun 04 Final


Cloudburst hits the ground at a gentle pace, and its occasional warm russet stone delivers an overall soft and fragmented surface. Fine marble chips, with a smattering of black dust in the base create a stunningly contemporary finish, which appears lighter when laid en masse.

Fibonacci Cloudburst 01 Final
Fibonacci Cloudburst 04 Final

Flannel Flower

A subtly gentle fusion of patterns that resemble a pale, traditional terrazzo, the characteristics of Flannel Flower bring to mind a recognisable and reassuring form.

A gentle mix of warm grey and fresh white Carrara marble conflate within a light grey base to an almost translucent neutral in which, en masse, the larger chips become dominant and a lighter overall surface prevails.

Fibonacci Flannel Flower 004 Final
Fibonacci Flannel Flower 005 Final


Like its namesake metal that has forever been a symbol of prestige and dependability, Platinum presents a highly consistent neutral finish that is perfectly suited for use as a clean canvas for a wide range of room schemes.

Its ultrafine shards of predominantly white and grey Carrara marble are densely set within a neutral grey base which lend it the uniform appearance of a stone product.

Fibonacci Platinum 03 Final


Steel was based on the unique composition of marble and cement developed in Platinum Terrazzo Tiles – a favourite of many leading interior designers and architects. Steel introduces a bold blue grey tone to the range that’s reminiscent of unfinished steel

Fibonacci Steel 002 Final
Fibonacci Steel 004 Final

The Raven

Dramatic and transformative, The Raven is a striking blend of rounded and acicular black marble chips, softened by a light grey base.

Perfectly suited to sophisticated, urbane interiors, this is a luxe, more refined alternative to industrial polished concrete.

Fibonacci The Raven 03 Final
Fibonacci The Raven 04 Final


Like a cluster of mismatched stars suspended through a milky constellation, the diffuse lightness of Rocketman is a perfect formation of subtle harmony.

This most serene composition features the palest blue base which hosts bursts of white and cool grey marble, perfect for an ultramodern scheme.

Fibonacci Rocketman 02 Final
Fibonacci Rocketman 04 Final

Photography by Haydn Cattach

Styling and Art Direction by Bek Sheppard

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