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Fibonacci; design beyond the basics

Fibonacci; design beyond the basics

1 November 2022
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Fibonacci’s desire to create a product that ‘is more than the sum of its parts’ has once again been realised as being more than a lofty design fever dream with the release of Strato Collezione Marmi, a dynamic range of furniture and decorative accessories by Biasol Studio.

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Strato Collezione is a limited edition range of modernist pieces constructed of Fibonacci’s Deep Vault slabs and marble. “Strato is inspired by the artistic expression of Ettore Sottsass’s infamous Memphis movement with each piece distinguished by nominated materials expressed through geometric form - whilst conforming to its small batch manufacturing, limited collection appeal,” says Jean-Pierre Biasol, founder and director.

Exuding a playful graphic ambience alongside distilled sculptural form and gravitas, Strato Collezione Marmi is driven by a similar design purpose to that of the Memphis Group - whose abandonment of trend shook the status quo. Designed and made in Melbourne, each piece has been conceived as a cornerstone object with the modernist design ingenuity to compliment any space.

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Appearing simultaneously playful and monolithic, the Strato coffee and side tables are built upon graphic stacked discs of alternating deep green marble and Deep Vault’s power-packed cluster of steely white, grey and jade tones. Accessory bowls and trays perfectly complement the tables but would act equally successfully as stand-alone pieces.

The Strato Collezione perfectly and precisely expresses the ideals and design intent behind the Fibonacci Dramaturgy slab range. It was created for designers, architects, furniture and object makers to break the status quo – to design pieces that are interesting, evocative and pushing the boundaries. Fibonacci is not just about a benchtop or splashback - and the unique beauty of these bespoke creations is made all the more pertinent in these times of supply chain challenges – we guarantee certainly of supply on all of our products, thereby encouraging the creating of bespoke pieces for all projects, big and small.

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