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Celebrating the bright lights of 2020 (yes, there were some)

Celebrating the bright lights of 2020 (yes, there were some)

26 January 2021
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Fatimas Reflection Florence Cafe
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There’s an old saying about how stones can’t be polished without friction, and apart from its obvious reference to the material product of our business, it’s also a great metaphor for the past year. So, whilst acknowledging all of its unique hardships and heartbreaks, we’re choosing to concentrate on the shining moments, and we’re celebrating the incredible efforts of our amazing clients and our unbeatable staff and support teams at Fibonacci.

Across Australia, our stone has been laid in many outstanding projects within the residential, hospitality, commercial and even medical sectors. It has inspired material palettes – and resolved others; it’s been the star and the support act; and it’s been lauded by architects, designers, specifiers and end-users for its technical abilities, strength, durability, and importantly, its beauty.

The Sunbaker The Stables
The Stables by State of Kin, Photography by Jack Lovel.
The Graduate Mr Robertson
Mr Robertson by Maria Danos Architecture. Photography by Sharyn Cairns.
Fatimas Reflection Florence Cafe
Florence Cafe by CoLAB Design Studio. Photography by Hannah Caldwell.

Whilst it’s impossible to list each and every project, there a few that have really captured the spirit of Fibonacci, such as the masterful recreation of ‘The Stables’ bar in one of Perth’s CBD’s oldest buildings which featured The Sunbaker. The highly imaginative use of The Graduate by Maria Danos Architecture saw the creation of a stunning sculptural central bar at Mr Robertson, and the atmospheric Fatima’s Reflection provided a robust and symbolic base for the Florence Café by CoLab Design Studio.

Buff Marquise
Marquise by Doherty Design Studio. Photography by Sean Fennessy.
Abstrakt The Rubinstein Group
The Rubinstein Group by Esoteriko. Photography by Dave Wheeler.

The versatile appeal of Buff provided an unexpectedly serene addition to the floors of Marquise Babywear’s flagship store by Doherty Design Studio, and Esoteriko Interior Architecture took a real estate office to the next level with its incredible use of Abstrakt in the flooring, a bespoke front desk and bathroom vanities at The Rubinstein Group Offices in Woollahra.

Flannel Flower Q Dermatology
Q Dermatology by Outline Design Office. Photography by Mindi Cooke.
The Raven Haydn Cattach Photographic Studio 2
Haydn Cattach’s Photographic Studio by Nick Pearce Furniture Studio. Photography by Haydn Cattach.
Eventide Casa Chiaroscuro
Casa Chiaroscuro by Biasol Design. Photography by Derek Swalwell.

The traditionally sterile-looking environment of a dermatology practice was given a serious makeover by Outline Design Studio who implemented both Flannel Flower and Wintersun into its flooring, ingeniously linking them with a brass inlay of the Q Dermatology logo. Our own star shooter, Haydn Cattach created a close-up worthy kitchen for his own photographic studio with The Raven, and in a feat of monochromatic mastery, Biasol Design created a home of epic grandeur featuring our wonderfully moody Eventide.

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